Perry, New York

Perry is in rural Western New York State roughly one hour from both Rochester and Buffalo.

It was named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry.

A United States President spent part of his childhood there.

During the Winter it experiences the Buffalo snowbelt.

It has four distinct seasons.

“The City” to some is Rochester and Buffalo to others.  My brother and several friends to include Tom and his brother Ken, along with Sam, Dave, and I all delivered newspapers from one or both of those cities.

Champion, Archway, The Perry Knitting Mill, and Kaustine Tanks were major employers at one time.

One of my older sisters took part in a letter-writing campaign to all the towns in the USA named Perry during her early school years. I recall that there were 22 at that time.


  1. Diane Jurkowski Pawlowski

    Would you have any photos of the ice skating pond and the cabins from the early 60’s or know where I could find one? My friends and I used to go after school and nights all the time. We had so much fun! Thanks!

    • Pete Beckary


      I don’t have anything from the 60’s. You might find some at the Perry Public Library where they have collections from both the Perry Herald, Lyle Richardson, and others. I will keep my eyes open the next time I get up there to dig in and research.

      Thanks for asking!

      Merry Christmas!


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