What did we do for entertainment in our Northern Town?  In the Summer we had plenty to do (wearing long black socks on a hot Summer day – for starters).  Here is one example.  Each year the County Sheriff’s and Village Police Departments sponsored a Bicycle Rodeo that included Bicycle safety education and an obstacle/handling course.

Bike Rodeo Pete Joann

There is a great deal of activity going one here.  According to Joanne Hughes, winner of the Girl’s category, was the overall winner – I am SO grateful for a Boy’s category otherwise I would have been defeated, crushed and permanently scarred.

There are lots of kids riding around… my favorite part is the Plymouth in the back left of the photo.  If you look closely you’ll notice an outstretched arm.  Is he waiving or sharing a one-finger salute?  For those of us that knew this character – we’d vote for the salute.

The Patrolman in the center is now a Retired Police Chief – after 35 plus years of service (correct me here, Tami!) and the father of the girl riding on the right [whom I chased during our high school years but never quite caught!].  During my last visit to town he and I had a great visit.  When I asked him to share his “funniest” story after all those years of service his answer surprised me…  not sure if I can share that one and photos are not available – I hope!

Proximity to The Switch -1/2 mile to the Northeast.